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A banner is most often the first thing to represent you, your site, or organization. It is the equivalent to a display ad in a newspaper or magazine, a listing in the yellow pages, and a business card, all in one. Banner ads link your prospective clients directly to you. Starting at $65.00. to display on News Lincoln County -See link
(see link to view current live banners *note not all designed by Newport LAZERQUICK)

Your banner ad must be attractive, and contain information that will spark the interest of your audience. We will help to create an ad that has the effectiveness and value that others will be willing to click on it! Remember to keep it simple when thinking of a banner design. You want to get their attention, not skim by with loads of information they'll just look over.

You can use your banner as your WebPage HEADER as well !  Your page banner will be the first thing your visitor will see when they arrive at your site. If they are greeted with something that offers "visual recognition" consistent with your ad, they immediately know they have the right place and that you cared enough to follow through.

Think of a Banner as your first time meeting someone. How do you want your first impression to come across?


If your banner is for advertising purposes, what is the main message you wish to convey that will entice your audience to follow the link to your site? They need information; "What is this?... and Why should I care?" Keep in mind that there is limited space on a banner, so the information must be in compelling and concise form. In our opinion 3 - 5 bold words, plus our expert design 🙂 work best to make your potential customers click on it. Do you have a logo or image you wish to have included in your banner?If you find banners from our own examples or anywhere on the web that you particularly like and would want your's have a similar feeling please include the URL to the page(s) where those banners are. Of course we won't copy other's people banners but this usually help us to get a picture what your requirements are. This helps if you want a very specific feel and look.


          There are non-animated (still) banners and animated banners.


        We use the non-animated GIF files at 7 second intervals.
        (Animated Banners are available for your own site, but are separate from News Lincoln County ads.)






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